How to Recover Deleted Messages on Android Phones

Today  in this article i will like to share my little knowledge with you on how to recover deleted messages and files on android phones.

In most cases, deleted messages are gone for good. Yet, there’s a chance that they have not been overwritten. In this post,I will show you how to recover deleted messages on Android phone using Android recovery tool.

Sometimes we used to delete our messages and clear our inboxes without thinking twice,this act only lead to lost of important messages like Evidence in the court, transaction allert,abuse by a friend, a very lovely message from a loved ones like your girl friend or your crush. Don't worry you have come to the right place to solve your problem,I Will show you how to recover a message that was deleted from your rooted Android phone mistakenly or intentionally with the help of Android SMS recovery tool. 

But note that Your device has to have root access to do this, therefore make sure that your device is rooted.if you don't no how to root your device, find out hear

Unlike Gmail where the deleted emails are stored in the recycle bin, it’s a hard job to restore deleted messages on Android.Because when messages are deleted on Android, they are marked to be overwritten with new data.

In most cases, messages deleted on Android are gone for ever because they are overwritten. But in some cases the deleted messages might have not been overwritten, so if you're lucky that the messages you deleted haven't been overwritten. just follow me patiently through this post and see the steps to follow and recover those messages.

Steps to Recover Deleted Messages on Android Smartphones. 

Step 1:-Download the android recovery tool in your desktop or laptop computer and install it on your computer using one of the links below.
For Windows OS, download
For Mac OS, download 

Step 2:-run the recovery tool and Connect your phone to the computer via the USB port with your USB cable.  

NB:-don't forget to Enable USB debugging on your phone. 

Step 3:- After you turn on USB debugging on your phone, the recovery tool will detect your phone.

Then look for the Start button at the middle of the home screen of the recovery tool and click it. The software/recovery tool will start scaning and analyzing  your phone.

Since you can selectively choose the file you want to scan,to save your time, go straight to what you want and select “scan for deleted files” 

Step 4:-but remember that before the program starts scanning and analyzing your phones file, you will be required to go to your phone and give it permission by  pressing the allow button, then you can come back to the recovery tool and click start to start the scanning and analyzing process

Step 5:-Wait for the scanning to complete as it may take some time for the process to complete. When  the scaning is completed, the data recovery tool will display messages in red and in black colour, those messages in red colour are messages that have been deleted from your phone, wile those messages in black colour are messages that are currently on your phone, So right click on the messages in red colour and then click Recover to recover them.  


Finally!! you have recovered those messages you mistakenly or accidentally delete from your android phone, but this technique is not something you may relly on because your phone might not be rooted, so make sure you backup all your messages to drive to protect and preserve them.

Thank you for reading my short guide on how to recover deleted messages on Android phone, if you have any question on this topic or if you have any comment, please let me know by leaving them in the comment section below.

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