How to Create Fake WhatsApp Last Seen

Today in this post, I will like to share my little knowledge with you on how to create a fake WhatsApp last seen.

To Create Fake Last Seen on WhatsApp using GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is a popular app which adds a lot more features in ...

WhatsApp comes up with several new features for its users. The new ones include ability to send GIFs, flashlight for low light selfies and last seen.

Ever since the last seen option was available, many WhatsApp users complain about quarrels and misunderstanding between them and their families, or friend. But now all those issues have been resolved because, there's an option to hide your Whatsapp last seen.

The disadvantage of hiding/freezing your WhatsApp last seen is that, if you hide your last seen, you will not see other people's WhatsApp last see. But many WhatsApp users are not happy with this rule.

So to solve these last seen issues, the solution is GB WhatsApp.

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What is a GB WhatApp?

To make a fake WhatsApp last seen, you can just download GB WhatsApp and install it on......
GB WhatsApp is a popular modded version of WhatsApp Messenger Application. It adds Lots of features to the official WhatsApp app, including built-in DND Mode, Custom Font Style, Auto Reply, Downloading Status of others, Hiding Your Online, Endless Themes, Anti-Revoked, make a fake last seen and much more. 

Making a fake last seen is mostly a privacy feature and also a kind of protection to your online activities from curious/nagging people, stalkers and maybe if you’re a student, you know, your parents and nosy relatives.

This feature freeze your last seen time, if you enable this feature, your last seen timestamp will be constant, and this time stamp can go for a week, month or year/s. If you don’t tweak it, it will remain static forever.

As I said earlier, to make a fake WhatsApp last seen,  you were supposed to firstly dowload GB WhatsApp APK, and then follow the steps outline below to create a fake WhatsApp last seen(freeze your WhatsApp last seen).

•Steps to Create a Fake WhatsApp Last Seen.

Step 1: open your installed GB whatsApp application.

Step 2: Tap the three(3) dots on the upper right of your WhatsApp display screen

Step 3: Go to settings in your WhatsApp messenger app.

Step 3 to create fake WhatsApp last seen.  Go to settings in your WhatsApp messager app

Step 4: In the settings tab, select account, then select privacy.

Step 4 to freez your WhatsApp last seen. Go to account > privacy

Step 5: Firstly, you have to enable your last seen to be visible to everyone.

Step 5: enable your last seen to everyone

Step 6: After you enable your WhatsApp last seen to be visible to everyone, now go back to Your chat screen and press the three(3) dot at the top right-hand corner and click the GB setting  option.

Step six to create fake WhatsApp last seen, go to GB settings

Step 7: go to privacy and security

Step 7 to create fake WhatsApp last seen, click on privacy and security

Step 8: Tap on the option which says ‘Freeze last seen’
Finally select the freez last seen option to create the fake WhatsApp last seen


Finally, You have created a fake WhatsApp last seen, and your contact will star seeing your fake WhatsApp last seen.

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