Review: Is Catly Legit, Scam, Real or Fake [Updated]

Nowadays, one among the best ways to get financial freedom and generate passive income is by making investment and participating in Airdrops. So, new investment platforms like catly io are created time to time. is a new, currently paying crypto investment platform were registered users get return for their investment of catly coin on a daily basis. But mind you, catly is a Ponzi Scheme that can crashes and stop paying anytime. 

From the above paragraph, you have got answers to some of your questions. E.g. Is catly legit? Is catly scam? Is paying or not? But I would still answer them in advance at the FAQs section of this article.

Likewise, today in this post I would provide you with almost everything you suppose to know about catly token and catly airdrop. Some of which are; Catly review, is catly registration and login, withdrawal and many more. 

Let's get started!

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What is Catly?

CATLY is the world's first token that supports buybacks during presale, allowing for easy entry and exit without long-term risks. Their aim is to create a massive consensus community and ecosystem, making $CATLY a new star in the crypto world.

How to get Free $CATLY

You can get catly by;

🆓 Free Airdrop: 

Binance users can claim 500 CATLY for free. The claimed airdrops will be unstaked after listing, and the daily stake rewards can be withdrawn or invested.

💎 Presale purchase:

You can buy more CATLY to staking for even more earnings. Likewise, the buyback mechanism of gives you an opportunity to cash out anytime you wish.

Who is The Founder of

Catly is a nonprofit organisation registered in America by "Martin Jan de Jong". Therefore, we now conclude that Martin Jan de Jong is the founder/owner and also the CEO of

Registration Details of Catly

Among those factors we look at before purchasing any token or investing in any platform is whether the platform is registered as a corporate organisation/company or not. In the case of catly, below are its registration details, you can go through them.


Registered Agent: Martin Jan de Jong

Status: Good Standing 

Formation date: 05/08/2023

ID number: 20231501938 

Form: Nonprofit Corporation

Periodic report month: May 

Jurisdiction: Colorado

Principal office street address: 4600 S Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80237, United States

Principal office mailing address: 4600 S Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80237, United States Review

To the best of my experience as a catly platform registered user, catly is legit and paying platform. It has a rating of 4.3/5 on Trustpilot.

Catly Available Countries is available to almost all countries in the world. You can join and benefit from it from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameron, Philippines, Indonesia and so on and so forth.

How to Make Money on Catly

As any other investment platform, the best way to make money on catly is by  claiming airdrop and investing money to get daily return.

Likewise, you can also make money from this platform by inviting your friends to invest using your unique referral code/link; you will be earning some percentages per referral depending on the referral level.

How to Withdraw Money From Catly

You can withdraw your money from catly anytime you wish due to their buyback option.

The minimum withdrawal amount on catly is 60 catly coin, which can be withdrawn to your Binance account.

Catly Withdrawal Proof

For you to ease you mind, you may think about things like the catly platform payment proof, withdrawal proof or withdrawal evidence. 

Therefore, I manage to provide a 100% legit catly airdrop withdrawal and payment proof for you. You can check it below.

How to Sign up for | Catly Sign up

If you wish to join this airdrop/presale, you can do so by following the steps outline below.

Step 1: Click here to open catly sign up page.

Step 2: Open it, click the Sign-up button and fill all the required fields.

Step 3: Check your email for verification code and verify your account. You can also check spam folder if you didn't see the verification mail in your primary folder.

Step 4: Finally, Log in to your account and claim the airdrop.

Catly Invitation Code

Due to the fact that you can't join catly without a referral/invitation code, I managed to provide a valid invitation code for you. You can copy it feom the block quote below.

Catly Login

You can log in to you account by using the catly login link provided below.

Is Catly Airdrop Legit or Scam?

As it usually comes to our mind whenever we came across a new platform or token, you might ask your self some questions like is calty airdrop legit, scam, real or fake? And is catly investment paying or not?

Therefore, I managed to answer the above questions in the FAQs section of this review. You can check it below.

FAQs About

Is Catly Legit?

No, Catly is not a legit investment platform at the time I updated this review. But It has the potential of paying its investors for a very long time. Because, it was designed for the purpose of building a well-developed crypto community.

Is Catly Scam?

Yes, catly is a scam at the time I wrote this review. Likewise, catly is a registered nonprofit organisation in the USA. But, there are many red flags against this platform.

Is Catly Paying or Not?

Yes, Catly investment app is still paying at the time I compile this review. Because, I use it and withdraw my earnings without any obstacle.

By the way, please if you encounter any problem with this platform, especially related to withdrawal. Please alert me in the comment section, so other people can take preventive measures.

Is Catly Safe

Based on the red flags we have related to catly, I can conclude that catly is not a safe investment platform. Because, you can easily lose the money you invested in catly. 

Is Catly Real or Fake?

Catly is a real cryptocurrency investment platform at the time I compile my review. It's a kind of platform were people purchase presale and also invest for the purpose of earning return. 

Unfortunately, catly is a Ponzi Scheme that can crashes and stop paying anytime.

How do I Open a Catly Account?

Opening catly account is simple and straight forward, all you have to do is to Click here and follow the steps outline in this article.

When will $CATLY be listed on exchanges?

According to what I found out during my research, $CATLY owners doesn't want catly to be listed on the exchange in a hurry. There goal at this stage is to grow the community, enhance consensus, improve the ecology, and make CATLY a truly valuable token before it can be listed on the exchange.


Finally, I hope you get answers to your questions about Airdrop and staking on this article. Some of which are is catly legit, scam, paying, real or fake? 

Likewise, I also try my best to show you how to open catly account, stake catly, withdraw your earnings and refer your friends.

Therefore, I am satisfied that you can make a good decision on whether to join catly or run away from it.

By the way, you can sign up to our newsletter using only your email and name to stay in touch about any update regarding this platform and many other online earning platforms.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post are based on available information and research at the time of writing. It is essential to stay updated and conduct ongoing research before making any financial decisions. 

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  1. As you are reading this comment catly has crashed. They no more paying. All investors money blocked. You check it out.

    1. I want to assure our readers that while withdrawals are temporarily closed, there's a possibility that the platform may experience issues. However, there's also a chance they might launch their token and reopen withdrawals in the future. In the meantime, exercise caution and avoid making additional deposits. Your understanding is appreciated.

  2. Nice write up
    Catly withdrawal's have been blocked.
    I think it is gone

  3. Good write up. Catly have stopped paying and taken out their Customer service. They posted on Telegram that they will launch their token but as you pointed out, that may or may not happen. Peoples have meanwhile been locked out of their Catly investment

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