How to Unlock Android Phone After Forgetting Password

Today in this article, I Would like to share my little knowledge with you on how to  Unlock Your Android Phone After Forgetting Pattern or PIN. 

Android let you guard your phone from un-authorized access using pattern, password or pin, but sometimes we used to forget that pattern, password or pin. Therefore, we fail to operate our android phone. So, to solve this issue, l am here to share my little knowledge with you on how to unlock your android phone after forgotten pattern, pin, or password.

This article contain the best ways to follow and unlock your android phone after forgetting your pattern, pin or password.

Below is a list of two easy ways to unlock your android phone after forgetting your pattern, pin or password. 

Unlock Your Android Phone Using "Forgot Pin" Option (Android 4.0) 

If you fail to unlock your android phone because you forget the unlocking pattern, bear in mind that you have came to the right place(tech propagator). All you have to do is to follow the steps outline below and unlock your android phone. 

Step 1: If you fail to remember the pin you lock your phone with. Just try and enter about five wrong pins.
Step 1: type wrong password at least five times

Step 2: After you try that five wrong pins or pattern or password, press the forgot pin, pattern or password tab respectively depending on what type of security you are using.

Step 3: The phone will ask you to add your Google account username and password in order to recover access to that phone.

Step 3: the phone will ask you to input your Google account

Step 4: Finally, you have reset your android phone. You can now put another pattern, password or pin of your choice, and please don't forget it again.

There are several ways that you can follow and reset your Android phone after you forgot your password. You can reset your android phone using a Google account on that phone. This option is only available on Android version 4.0 and older versions. If this option doesn't works on your phone, you can perform a factory data reset on you phone. 

So if your phone is running Android version 5.0 and above, you can opt for a factory reset as discuss below. 

Unlock Your Android Phone After Forgetting Pattern or PIN Using Factory Data Reset. 

If you are using android version 5.0 and above, I know that you will not be successful with the forgot pattern, pin or password method, and you can not fold your hands and leave your phone locked. So to solve this problem you can just move forward to perform a factory data reset on your phone. 

NB:-This method should be the last option since you will lose all data on your phone that has not been sync to your Google Account. 

Before you start this process, you were supposed to remove your SD card from your phone before performing the factory data reset on your android phone and follow the steps outline below to perform the factory reset. 

1. Open the recovery mode on your android phone. 

The steps for opening the recovery mode and doing a factory data reset differ with device. But under normal circumstance, to open the recovery mode on android phones, you were supposed to hold the power and volume up/down button when the phone is switched off.

1. Open your phone recovery mode

2. Use the Volume keys to scroll up/down to locate the Wipe Data/factory reset option and then press the power button to select this option. 

2. Use the volume key to scroll up/down and the switch for selection

3. Under the option "Wipe Data/factory reset", select "Yes" and your phone will automatically reset to a new phone.

3. Select the option that says wipe data/factory data reset

4. finally, you have reset your android phone. If you wish, you can go to settings and set another password, pattern or pin.


Finally, you have unlock your android phone after forgetting pattern, pin or password.

Thank you for reading my short guide on how to Unlock Your Android Phone After Forgetting Pattern or PIN, if you have any question on this topic or if you have any comment, please let me know by leaving them in the comment section below.

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