Swagbucks: Earn up to £50 Cash/Gift Cards Monthly by Completing Simple Tasks

Nowadays, one among the best and legit ways to make free money online without investment is by completing surveys. So, new survey platforms are lunch time-to-time. 

Swagbucks is also a new legit and paying UK based survey platform that reward you with gift cards or cash for completing simple tasks like answering questions. 

From the above paragraph, you have got answers to some of your questions. E.g. Is swagbucks legit? Is swagbucks scam? And is swagbucks paying or not? But I would still answer them in advance at the FAQs section of this article.

Likewise, today in this post I would provide you with everything you suppose to know about swagbucks. Some of which are; swagbucks review 2023, swagbucks registration and login, how to earn money by completing surveys on swagbucks platform and also how to withdraw your earnings from swagbucks.com.


Swagbucks About

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a just a survey platform similar to Ivox panel survey and mingle respondi. You can make some cool cash from this platform by simply answering questions about your personal life, studies, employment and also completing different earning task.

Likewise, according to the Information I found from their official site, Swagbucks.com is the web's most popular loyalty and consumer rewards program. It was launched in Southern California in 2008. Members of this reward service get gift cards or cash for the everyday activities they always do online like searching the web, playing games, watching videos and many more.

Swagbucks Review 2023

To the best of my experience as a swagbucks user for more than 3 years, swagbucks is 100% legit and paying platform. It has a rating of 4.3/5 by about 32,000 users on Trustpilot. You can check the swagbucks review on Trust pilot here for your own benefit and satisfaction.

Swagbucks has an excellent score of 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot. So, it's 100% legit and secure

Swagbucks App Download

You can download swagbucks real app for both Android and IOS operating systems below.

Swagbucks App Download For Android

Click the button below to download the Android version of swagbucks reward app.

(Download here)

Swagbucks App Download For IOS

Click the button below to download the IOS version of Swagbucks app.

(Download here).

Swagbucks Available Countries

Swagbucks is available to almost all countries in the world. You can join and benefit from it from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameron, Philippines, Indonesia and so on and so forth.

How to Make Money on Swagbucks

As any other survey platform, the main way to earn from swagbucks is by answering survey questions.

Likewise, there are more than 10 different ways to make money from this platform, the best of which is by completing survey. So, I would restrict myself on how to earn from swagbucks by answering questions as per as this post is concern.

Alternatively, if you want to maximise your earnings on swagbucks, you can check my post on "how to make money on swagbucks". That post comprises different ways with additional tips.

How to Make Withdrawal on Swagbucks

You can request withdrawal from swagbuck platform provided that your point reaches the minimum redeemable amount.

The minimum redeemable point is 500, which is equivalent to €5 in cash or gift card. Depending on your withdrawal method.

Swagbucks Withdrawal Proof

For you to ease you mind, you may think about things like the swagbucks payment proof, swagbucks withdrawal proof or withdrawal evidence. 

Therefore, I manage to provide a 100% legit swagbucks survey withdrawal and payment proof for you. You can check it below.

100% legit swagbucks withdrawal and payment proof

How to Sign up for Swagbucks |  Swagbucks Sign up

If you wish to join this earning platform, you can follow the steps outline below.

Step 1: Open this official swagbucks registration page.

Step 2: Fill all the required details and click the sign-up button.

Step 3: Check your email for verification link and verify your account. You can also check spam folder if you didn't see the verification mail in your primary folder.

Step 4: Finally, Log in to your account and start completing task.

 Sign Up Know

Swagbucks Login

Below us the official swagbucks survey log in link in case you might need it. You can simplify click here to access it.

Is Swagbucks Legit or Scam?

As it usually comes to our mind whenever we came across a new platform, you might ask your self some questions like is swagbucks survey legit? Is swagbucks survey scam? Is swagbucks survey real or fake? And is swagbucks paying or not?

Therefore, I managed to answer the above questions in the FAQs section of this review. You can check it below.

FAQs About Swagbucks Survey

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Yes, swagbucks is 100% legit survey platform at the time I wrote this review. It also has the potential of remaining legit for a very long time. Because, it was purposely designed for marketing research.

Is Swagbucks Scam?

No, Swagbucks survey is not scam at the time I wrote this review. Likewise, there is no any complaints about it either online, or offline. So, I think it's a good idea to join swagbucks since you were not required to deposit anything.

Is Swagbucks Paying or Not?

Yes, swagbucks is still paying at the time I compile this review. But if you encounter any problem with this platform, especially related to withdrawal. Please alert me in the comment section.

Is Swagbucks Real or Fake?

Swagbucks is a real survey  platform at the time I compile my review. It's a kind of platform that reward users with free cash or gift cards for answering simple questions and completing tasks. So, hurry up and grab your before it becomes late.

Can I Join Swagbucks From any Country?

Officially no, but you can join, participate and benefit from swagbucks survey from any country (not necessarily England) provided that you apply the tricks I mentioned above.

Can I Earn From Swagbucks by Referring/Inviting a Friend?

Absolutely! You can earn 300SB when your friend make 300SB within 30 after registration. Likewise, you would also be earning 10% of your referral earning without maximum limit.

Is Swagbucks Available in Nigeria?

Yes, swagbucks is available to Nigerians. As you can see, I am also a Nigerian and I sign up, complete task and also withdraw from swagbucks without any limitation.

How Long Does it Take to Make 100 dollar on Swagbugbucks?

To make $100 on swagbuck is as simple as drinking water. You can make $100 in less than a month provided that you're actively checking your account and completing your offers.

Another way to maximise your earnings is by inviting your friends. You can make an instant $4 per referral together with a lifetime 10% of your subordinate earning.


Swagbucks is another legitimate and currently paying UK based survey platform. You can earn some reasonable money from this site provided that you are completing surveys. 

Additionally, you can withdraw your earnings anytime you wish. So, after reading this swagbucks review, I hope you will think wisely and make a good decision on whether to sign up for this platform or not.

You can also sign up to our newsletter using only your email and name to stay in touch about any update regarding this and many other earning platforms. Not only that, but you can also check my other articles about survey platforms.

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