Arbitrage Trading With Paga Virtual Card: How to Get ₦3,000 Daily [100% Risk Free]

Paga is a Nigerian online bank that sells dollar at a cool rate. Likewise, paga virtual card can also be used for international transactions. So, we are to utilise this golden opportunity to start doing arbitrage trading with paga virtual card.

Likewise, I would also show you how to do paga arbitrage once everyday. So, you can get ₦3,000 profit almost everyday, unlike other arbitrage trading updates that are usually done once in every month.

But before that, I would like to shine a little light on the term arbitrage trading.

How to do arbitrage trading with paga virtual card

What is Arbitrage Trading?

In a simple term, arbitrage trading means buying something from a particular place and selling it to someone else on another place with the intension of making profit by taking advantage of price difference. Therefore, arbitrage trading with paga virtual card is also simple and straight forward, you can just follow the steps outline below.

How to do Arbitrage Trading With Paga Virtual Card

1. Firstly, download Paga app from Playstore, then create and verify it to Tier 2.

2. Secondly, create a account and verify it. If Skrill doesn't ask for verification, make sure that you have your plastic ID card ready, just in case.

3. Then create and also verify account, address must be verified too. You can use bank statement for address verification.  

Note: didn't accept Kuda, Opay or PALMPAY bank statements. They only accept Commercial banks' like UBA, GTB and so on.

4. Now fund your Paga account with ₦10,600 and request for an instant virtual card. They'll take ₦500+ fee.

5. Then go to Skrill and run an international transfer to your Grey acct (you must have created a gbp account on your account after you've been verified).

Likewise, While doing the international transfer, the currency pair should be USD & GBP.

6. For USD, you should put $19 then proceed and put your Grey gbp acct details, then your Paga card details.

They'll charge, ₦9,600 for the transfer from skrill to grey, and when the gbp enters Grey, you can convert it to naira. You would finally see 13K+ balance i.e ₦3,000 profit.

After running this transaction for today, you can delete the card on Paga, and create another one on the next day to repeat the transaction on a daily basic. If you start cashing out, don't forget to send me ₦1,000 or ₦500 everyday. I wan chop😋.


Finally, to do arbitrage trading with paga virtual card, you suppose to get paga virtual card, Skrill account and account. Then you will just used the card to make an international transfer to your grey account using paga virtual card through Skrill.

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