Review: Is Alphagpt Legit or a Scam? [Get 3% of Your Investment Daily]

Nowadays, one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom and generate passive income is by making investments and participating in Airdrops. Consequently, new investment platforms like are created from time to time.

Alphagpt is a new, currently legitimate and paying arbitrage trading platform where registered users receive USDT and Alphagpt tokens as returns for their daily investments. On this platform, you would earn 3% of your trading bot activation fee, along with some Alphagpt coins. The interesting fact is that you can withdraw your earnings anytime.

From the above paragraph, you have already obtained answers to some of your questions, such as whether Alphagpt trading is legit, a scam, real, or fake. However, I will still address them in advance in the FAQs section of this article.

Moreover, I will also provide almost everything you need to know about and the Alphagpt Airdrop. So, let's get started!

Is alphagpt legit, a scam, real or fake? Find out through this review

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What is Alphagpt?

Alphagpt is a pioneer in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem, aiming to provide the safest and most regulated cryptocurrency quantification environment for global buyers and institutional clients. It is the platform of choice for first-time crypto arbitration buyers and professional traders. Its goal is to automate transactions using advanced artificial intelligence technology so that everyone can easily acquire crypto assets.

How to Get Alphagpt Coin

You can acquire Alphagpt tokens through one of the following ways:

1. Free Airdrop:

Verified Binance users can claim 20 Alphagpt coins for free. Additionally, some percentage of the claimed airdrops could be unlocked on a daily basis.

Consequently, to be able to claim the Alphagpt Airdrop, you must hold Binance Account Bound Token (BABT) in your wallet. Many people are complaining about not being able to claim the airdrop. If you face a similar problem, click here and follow the outlined steps to mint BABT in your wallet.

2. Buying Alphagpt Coin on

Since Alphagpt is not listed on any exchange, you can only purchase it from their official site.

Registration Details of Alphagpt

One of the factors we consider before purchasing any token or investing in any platform is whether the platform is registered as a corporate organization/company or not. In the case of Alphagpt, below are its registration details for you to review:

  • Parent Company: ALPHA ASSETS LTD
  • Company number: 12475235
  • Address: New London House Wtc 1 C.V. 6 London Street, Fenchurch Street Station, The City, London, England, United Kingdom, EC3R 7AD
  • Company status: Active
  • Company type: Private limited Company
  • Incorporation Date: 20 February 2020

Alphagpt Review

Based on my experience as a registered user on the Alphagpt platform, I can attest that is a legitimate and paying platform. It has a rating of 4.3/5 on Trustpilot.

Alphagpt Available Countries

Alphagpt's arbitrage trading platform is available to almost all countries worldwide. Users can join and benefit from it in countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Philippines, Indonesia, and many others.

How to Make Money on Alphagpt

Like any other arbitrage platform, the standard way to earn money from Alphagpt is by depositing money to activate a particular arbitrage trading bot.

Additionally, you can make money on this platform by inviting your friends using your unique referral link; you will earn a percentage per referral depending on the referral level.

How to Withdraw Money From Alphagpt

To make a withdrawal from Alpha Gpt, simply navigate to the wallet section of your account and click the withdraw button. It's simple and straightforward.

The minimum withdrawal amount on Alphagpt trading is $3 only, and you can withdraw it anytime you wish.

Alphagpt Withdrawal Proof

To put your mind at ease, you may think about things like Alphagpt payment proof, withdrawal proof, or withdrawal evidence.

Therefore, I have provided a 100% legit Alphagpt arbitrage platform withdrawal and payment proof for you. You can check it below.

Alphagpt Registration

If you wish to join the Alphagpt AI trading platform, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Click and hold the sign-up link provided in the blockquote below to copy it.

Step 2: Open your decentralized wallet, e.g., Trustwallet or Metamask.

Step 3: If you're using Metamask, change your wallet network to Binance Smart chain because Metamask wallets are on the Ethereum network by default.

Step 4: Navigate to the DApp browser and paste the link you copied from step 1 above.

Step 5: Finally, connect your wallet (BSC Network) and navigate to the Robot section of your account to activate the free $20 AI trading bot given to you.

For your own benefit, you can also purchase another AI trading bot on Alphagpt and start earning a minimum of 3% every day. Now is the best time to join Alphagpt and benefit from it before it becomes too late.

Alphagpt Referal Link/Code

Due to the fact that you can't join alpha gpt without a referral link,I managed to provide a valid alphagpt invitation li k for you. You can copy it below.

Alphagpt Login

You can log in to your account by copying and editing the Alphagpt login link provided below. For example, if you have registered for AlphaGPT before, but you can’t find the entrance, and now you want to continue to enter the DAPP, you can enter by using the format below. (input your wallet address)#

Is Alphagpt Legit or Scam?

As it usually comes to mind whenever we come across a new platform or token, you might ask yourself some questions like, "Is legit, a scam, real, or fake?" and "Is Alphagpt arbitrage trading paying or not?"

Therefore, I have managed to answer the above questions in the FAQs section of this review. You can check it below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Alphagpt Legit?

Yes, we can consider Alphagpt a legit platform if what we look at to declare platform as legit is whether it's paying or not. Because, at the time I wrote this review, Alphagpt is 100% paying. However, be aware because, Alphagpt is might be a Ponzi Scheme that can crash and stop paying anytime. To stay informed, you can join our newsletter!

Is Alphagpt Scam?

No, Alphagpt is not a scam at the time of writing this review. Additionally, Alphagpt is a registered nonprofit organization in the United Kingdom. So, there are no red flags against this platform for now.

Is Alphagpt Paying or Not?

Yes, Alphagpt is still paying at the time of compiling this review. As an Alphagpt registered user, I usually make withdrawals anytime without any obstacles. To be on the safer site, you should keep checking this post to stay updated about this arbitrage platform, as I will do my best to update this Alphagpt review whenever I sense something fishy.

Is Alphagpt Real or Fake?

To be honest, Alphagpt is not a crypto arbitrage platform; it's just an investment platform where registered users receive ROI in the name of arbitrage earnings. In fact, Alphagpt might be a Ponzi Scheme.

How Can I Open an Alphagpt Account?

Opening an Alphagpt account is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is click here and follow the steps outlined in this article.

When Will Alphagpt Coin be Listed on Exchanges?

Alphagpt coin will likely get listed on an exchange if the platform doesn't crash. However, for now, they have not provided any specific time for that. For further information, you can refer to their white paper.


In conclusion, I hope you have found answers to your questions about Alphagpt arbitrage, Airdrop, and staking in this article. Some of these questions include whether Alphagpt platform is legit, a scam, paying, real, or fake.

I have also done my best to show you how to open an Alphagpt account, deposit money, withdraw your earnings, and refer your friends.

In making your decision on whether to join the Alphagpt trading platform or avoid it, keep in mind that it is essential to consider the risks involved, especially the fact that this platform is a Ponzi Schemes.

By the way, you can sign up for our newsletter using only your email and name to stay updated about any developments regarding this platform and many other online earning platforms.

Disclaimer: Always remember to be cautious when investing in any platform, especially those claiming to offer high returns, as they may carry significant risks. Always do your research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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