How to Change Chrome to Desktop Mode

Today, in this post, I would like to share my little knowledge with you on how to change Chrome to desktop mode.

Steps to change Chrome to desktop mode.  Step 1:- open the Chrome browser.  Step 2:- click on the three dots at the top right...........

As far as you're using a smartphone to browse the internet, there is no any doubt that you have come across the Chrome browser, and occasionally you may wish to change your smartphone Chrome browser interface to desktop mode for some special purposes just like adding your social media handles to your Facebook profile.

As we all know that smartphone Chrome browser interface don't support that feature, so we can just change Chrome to desktop mode.

But before I go deeper into this article on how to change Chrome to desktop mode, I would like to briefly explain browser and Chrome browser.

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What is a Browser?

A browser is an application that uses HTTP or HTTPS to display information you requested from the web server to you.

The first commercially used browser is call Mosaic, but today there are many commercially used browsers, out of which the most popular ones are Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Among those browsers, Google Chrome also known as Chrome is the most widely used browser, that is why we gave more concern to Chrome browser.

What is a Chrome Browser?

Chrome browser is originally known as Google Chrome because it was developed by Google Inc. It was first released for Microsoft Windows in 2008. It was a cross-platform web browser built with free software components from Mozilla Firefox and Apple Webkit.

Google Chrome browser is the default browser in android, it can also be found on Linux, iOS, and macOS operating systems. It was developed by combining different programming languages which are; JavaScript, Java, python, Assembly language, HTML, C and C++.

Chrome browser is use to access web pages on the internet. At the year 2020, it was the most popular web browser, with more than 60% market share of the web browsers market.

Steps to Change Chrome to Desktop Mode.

Step 1:- open the Chrome browser in your android smartphone.

Step 2:- click on the three dots at the top right-hand corner in your Chrome browser homepage.

Step 3:- after you click on that three dots, a dropdown menu will open. Navigate through it and search for an option that says, "Desktop site" with a small box at it's right-hand side.

Step 4:- finally, click on that box. Your browser will reload and open a desktop mode instantly.


To sum up everything that has been stated so far in this article, I hope you have finally changed your Chrome to desktop mode.

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