Metawar Airdrop: How to Get Free 10000 Metawar

Wow!! Here is another chance for you to be rich. Even if you don't participate in crypto related activities, please try this one. 
Meta War is a new token. Its in its initial stage of development. Therefore, the project owners are trying to create a buzz by lunching airdrop program and doing giveaway.
Meta War is a new token. It's in its initial stage of development. Therefore, the project owners are trying to create a buzz by lunching airdrop program and doing giveaway.

You can get 10,000 MetaWar by simply interacting with a Telegram bot or by buying Metawar from pancake swap withing a specific time. But our main interest here is on how to get  10,000 Meta war token using Telegram. Why because, through this process. You can instantly withdraw your metawar airdrop reward to your wallet.

How to Claim And Instantly withdraw Free 10,000 Metawar Tokens

For you to participate in metawar airdrop program, all you need is an Android phone, Twitter account, Telegram account, and also a Trust wallet.

After you get all the requirements, you can follow the steps outline below to claim and instantly withdraw ten thousand metawar tokens worth of fifty dollars.

Step 1: Click here to open the metawar airdrop telegram bot.

Step 2: follow the instructions from the bot and fill all the required information.

Step 3: Additionally, submit your Bep-20 wallet address especially the one you copied from Trust wallet or Metamusk. 

Step 4: Finally, click the Withdrawal button and wait for about an hour before the coin arrives in your wallet.

Sometimes, it may take up to a day before you receive your claimed metawar tokens.

Metawar Token Information or Tokenomics

Below are all essential information you need to know about meta war coin for you to be able to add it as a custom token in trust wallet or for any other purpose.

Metawar Token Contract address

You can simply copy the meta war contract address from the blockquote below by pressing and holding it.


MetaWar Token Basic Information

Metawar Network or Token Type: Metawar token is on smart chain network. Therefore, Meta War is a Bep-20 token. 

MetaWar liquidity: $120,052.772
MetaWar total supply: 210,000,000,000
Metawar circulating supply: 210,000,000,000

Exchanges Were You Can Sell or Buy Metawar

Metawar is currently listed on many exchanges for trading. But the best exchanges to sell metawar or buy metawar are pancakeSwap(V2) and poocoin. But remember that if you get metawar as a reward from metawar airdrop, you can't sell it immediately because it's locked. You must wait till the project owners unlock it.

Is Metawar Airdrop Legit or Scam?

Metawar airdrop is just a free to join airdrop with instant withdrawal option. You can withdraw free metawar tokens from metawar airdrop bot without referring anyone. So, when we look at it from this angle, metawar airdrop may be legit.

On the other hand, the metawar IDO program is still ongoing while metawar is listed on different exchanges like pancakeSwap and poocoin. This is a red flag against this project. It's possible that the owner of metawar project is trying to gain people attention through airdrop and finally abandoned the project.


Finally, you can join and participate in the ongoing metawar airdrop in my opinion because it's free to join. But stay away from there IDO programme. Because, the team behind metawar project can always abandon the project.

Conclusively, remember that this review is based on individual research. So, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comment section below.

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