Meganswap Airdrop: How to Claim Free 371 MEGAN

MeganSwap airdrop is a newly lunched airdrop in which winners will be rewarded with free 371 MEGAN token. 

MeganSwap airdrop is a newly lunched airdrop in which winners will be rewarded with free 371 MEGAN token
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Mega swap is an automated market maker and also a house of metaverse gaming and non fungible token (NFT). Therefore, hurry up and participate in this valuable megan swap airdrop before you become late.

How to Claim Free 371 Megan swap token ($MEGAN)

In order to participate in meganswap airdrop, you can simply follow the steps outline below:

Step 1: Click here to open the megan swap telegram airdrop bot.

Step 2: Complete all the required task.

Step 3: Submit your Smart Chain BEP-20 address. Especially the one you obtained from trust wallet.

But keep in mind that meganswap airdrop is not a type of airdrop that rewards every participant. Winners are selected randomly among the applicants. So, in order to make sure that you get free $MEGAN token, I advise you to refer your friends to participate in megan swap airdrop using your unique referral link.

For every person you refer to participate in meganswap airdrop, you will be rewarded with 93 Megan token. Which is equivalent to ten dollars.

Benefits of Joining Meganswap Airdrop

Provided that you participate in meganswap airdrop, you must be benefited from either or all of the ways listed below.

1. If you are lucky to be selected among the megan swap airdrop winners, you will get free 371 megan coins that are equivalent to one hundred dollars.

2. You must be rewarded with 93 megan tokens for every person you refer to participate in meganswap airdrop. That 93 megan coins are equivalent to  ten dollars.

Additionally, megan swap coin is already listed on Hotbit. Therefore, you sell your tokens immediately after you withdraw them if you need cash.

Megan Token ($MEGAN) Information

Below are all basic information you need to know about megan coin summarise under few subheadings.

Megan Token Contract Address

For you to be able to add megan token in your wallet, you must know its contract address. Therefore, I prefer to provide megan token contract address.

You can simply copy the megan coin contract address from the blockquote below by pressing and holding it.


Megan Token ($MEGAN) Total Supply

The Megan token total supply is equivalent to five hundred millions (0.5 billion). Therefore, Megan token total supply is not very huge. So, there is great possibility that Megan token price will raise in the future.

Megan Token Basic Information

Below is a list of additional basic information you may need to know about megan token.

  1. Megan token type: megan token is a BEP-20 (Smart chain) token.
  2. Megan token liquidity: megan token initial liquidity supply is 0.3%
  3. Megan token decimal: this token decimal is 18

Is Meganswap Airdrop Legit or Scam

I know that immediately you came across this airdrop, you must ask yourself either of this two questions; 
  1. Is meganswap airdrop real or fake?
  2. Is meganswap airdrop legit or scam?
Sincerely speaking, nobody can directly tell you that meganswap airdrop is legit or scam at this stage. But from all expectations, megan swap airdrop may be legit not scam.


Finally, in my opinion. You can join meganswap airdrop because of the following reasons;
  1. Meganswap airdrop is free to join. Therefore, even you didn't win. You will not lose your money.
  2. Meganswap airdrop will last for about a month. So, you have the opportunity to invite as more individual as possible. 
  3. Megan token is already listed on Hotbit. Therefore, you can exchange your tokens immediately you withdraw them. 
Conclusively, remember that this review is based on individual research. So, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comment section below.

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