How to Get Unlimited Data for MTN

As I see today, many customers patronize and praise the MTN network for its speed, network strength and data/airtime bonuses. But  this plan need a regular recharge, so today in this post I will like to show you a step by step guide  on how to get unlimited data for MTN. But before I go further, I will like to give you a brief note on data sim. 

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you have to enjoy this cheat before it gets shouldn’t sell this cheat if it works for you.I noticed someone selling the cheat for N20,000.

What is a Data Sim?  

 A data sim is a sim card with unlimited data to browse the internet in it. It is used to browse any web page, chat on social media, download files and also stream videos without restriction.

Additionally, data sim is the type of Sim used by agent who register new sim card, if you have that kind of sim, this post will help you with a technique on how to get unlimited data for MTN.

The best gift someone can give you as a youth, is a  data sim. Because data sim is scarce and priceless, so request for it from those agents. If you are lucky, it will be sold to you but if not, just buy and register the normal 4G SIM and proceed to the steps outline below on how to get unlimited data for MTN.  

NB:- if you use normal 4G sim, the probability that this technique will work for you is 1/2,but it works 100% with data sim


Steps to Follow and Get Unlimited Data for MTN. 

Step 1:- for you to get unlimited data for MTN, firstly buy a data sim or buy a new MTN 4G sim. 

Step 2:- if you're using a new 4G sim, register it and recharge at least # 100 to activate it. 

Step 3:-Download and Launch Moko VPN on your android phone. 

Step 4:- Press the server location and select Us/New York. 

Step 5:-Tap on Tweaks and select “MTN Data SIM” to get unlimited data for MTN. 

Step 6:-After that, click in the center of the VPN to CONNECT and enjoy your free unlimited data for MTN with high-speed internet. 


Conclusively, I hope this post help you to get unlimited data for MTN help you to get free unlimited data for MTN.

Thank you once again for reading my short guide on how to get unlimited data for MTN.  

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