How to Enable Search Description in a Blogger Post

Today in this article I will like to share my little knowledge with you on how to enable search description in a blogger post. As we all know that is a free blogging platform own by, on blogger you will get a free hosting service,  but you have to work hard for your blog to rank high in search result for you to get more organic visitors to your blog.

On the Blogger dashboard, go to Settings > Search Preferences. Under Meta Tags, click edit next to Description. Click Yes to ...

Therefore, to rank high in search result, the technique we used is called search engine optimization (SEO). Most bloggers prefer to hire SEO expert to work for their blog to rank high in search result and this required a lot of investment. So to save money, you can do SEO for your blog by yourself and search description is among those techniques that will rank your blog post high in search result.

What is Search Description in Blogger Post?

Search Description is a short essay that explain what your blog post is all about. It also helps search engine to identify the topic of your blog post. A good and SEO friendly search description can help your blog post to rank high in search result, which is a great victory for you as a blogger.

Tips to Write a Good and SEO Friendly Search Description for a Blogger Post.

  1. Make sure you add your target keywords in your blog post search description.
  2. Avoid writing a short search description and always write a search description that contain about 130_150 words.
  3. Always write a user-friendly search description.
  4. Don't try to spam your search description with keywords.

Steps to Enable Search Description in Blogger Post.

In order to minimize the time, you spent here reading this blog post, I will like to summarize the steps by steps to follow and enable search description for your blog post.

Step 1: firstly login to and choose the blog you wish to add search description to it's post.

Step 2: Navigate to the post section of your blog and select the post you wish to add a search description to.

Step 3: Open the post editor and navigate to setting. You will see the search description option.

Step 4: Click on the search description option and add SEO friendly search description for your blog post.


To sum up everything that has been stated so far in this article, I hope this Blog post on How to Enable Search Description for Blogger blog Posts has helped you to enable search description in your blog post.
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