SrinkEarn Review: Scam or Legit

Today, In this post, I would like to review a famous and well-known URL Shortener website. As you already know that today, there are many URL shortener websites and ShrinkEarn is among them.

ShrinkEarn is legit or scam URL shortener website? Today I am going to review one of the very famous shortener website ...

If you own a huge traffic website, or you have a Facebook page with huge number of follower, or any social media account with a huge number of followers, you can do this type of service (i.e. shortening URL) to generate or increase your revenue.

Welcome here in our review section, so you have search for ShrinkEarn review and want to know all about it and if it's scam or legit URL shortning site, aren’t you? so, never mind, I will provide you with all you need to know about ShrinkEarn URL shortener before you register for a new account. I will also clear all doubt you have about whether shrinkEarn URL shortener is scam or legit website to shorten URL and make money.

But before I go deeper, I would like to share my little knowledge with you on shrikEarn URL shortener website.

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What is ShrinkEarn?

ShrinkEarn is one of the highest paying URL shortening websites that pays you when you shorten any long URL and share it with social media. If you really want to earn money from ShrinkEarn, then shorten any long URLs with ShrinkEarn tools and share those URLs you shorten on ShrinkEarn with your follower on blog, YouTube, twitter or any social media platform online. If someone clicks on your link, then SrinkEarn will pay you some amount of money, which depends on several factors. Like all other paying URL shortener, ShrinkEarn also offers some good features to all its publishers to boost their earnings, like good customer care service, high pay per click, good referral program, daily withdrawal, low minimum pay out etc.

How to Make Money on SrinkEarn URLs Shortener Website.

1) Shrink long URL.

This is the main way to make money from any URL shortening website. All you need to do is to shorten URLs and share them on social media to bring some visitors to click on them and make a considerable amount of money. This is also the best way you can make money from ShrinkEarn.

 All you have to do is to :

_Create a ShrinkEarn URL shortener new account by clicking here.
_Copy the link of a particular content like an article on your blog or a video from your YouTube channel.
_Shorten that long URL on your ShrinkEarn URL shortener website account.
_Share that short link with your audience on YouTube, blog or any social media account.
_Earn money 💰 whenever someone click on your link. 

 2)Refer new members using your referral link.

Like all other URL shortening websites, ShrinkEarn also offered an attractive refferal commission. While I am writing this article, ShrinkEarn was offering 25% referral commission.

ShrinkEarn Payment Methods With Their Minimum Withdrawal Limits:

  • PayPal with minimum withdrawal of $5
  • Paytm UPI/Bank UPI with minimum withdrawal of $5
  • Payza with minimum withdrawal of $20
  • Skrill with minimum withdrawal of $20

 Pros and Cons of ShrinkEarn :

Below are pros and cons of ShrinkEarn URL shortening website.


_ shrinkEarn is 100% free. 
_ shrinkEarn is 100% up to the time I wrote this post.
_shrinkEarn have high CPM rates which could reach $20/1000 visitors.
_shrinkEarn offered high referral program (about 25%).
_ withdrawal on daily basis.
_ low minimum payout (only $5). 
_ URLs shrink on shrinkEarn show full-page script for blogger platform.
_  you can shrink many URLs at the same time.


_ too many ads popping up at the same time.
_ payment methods are limited to those I have mentioned above.


Now after writing this ShrinkEarn review, what do we think in tech propagator's blog is that, ShrinkEarn is legit website to make money by just shortening URL. So, here are our reviews and opinion about ShrinkEarn,

as ShrinkEarn is : 

_ legit website (until now). 
_ free to join. 
_ pays its users. 

At the end, we here at Tech propagator's blog thinks that, you can try ShrinkEarn if you want to earn some good amount of money from shortening URLs. 

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