How to Add Premium Theme to a Blogger Blog

Today in this post, I am going to tell you step-by-step guide on how to add premium theme to a Blogspot blog. Many blog posts are already published on this topic, but they are outdated because the blogger platform recently updated its interface.

If you are having this question in your mind that "how to add premium theme in the blogger blog". Then there is no any doubt that you are a blogger who chooses a free platform for his blogging activities.

Blogger is a free blogging platform own and manage by Google. Anybody can create his blog for free using his Gmail account. but the only problem is that, the platform has a limited number of un-propational themes which may not suit your needs.

So to solve this problem, you can use third party premium  themes to your blogger blog.

in this article you have knowledge on how to dowload and install premium blogger theme to your blogspot blog.
How to add premium theme to a blogspot blog.

Before going further into this tutorial of adding premium and good-looking theme in the blogger blog. Let me first suggest some websites from where you can download the free and paid premium blogger theme as per as your need.

Website to download premium blogger themes are websites like templatefy, theme forest and sora theme. These websites are the most popular source to download premium blogger themes.

After you download your premium blogger themes from those websites, follow the steps outline below to install it on your blogger blog.

Steps to Install External Theme in a Blogger Blog.

 • Open the blog in which you want to change the theme.

 Go-to the theme section of the blog and press the three dots at the theme setting menu.


• When you click on that 3 dots click on backup and backup your current theme for security purpose because if the new theme does not fit you can go back to your old theme. 

• Again click on that three dots and select the restore option in order to add that premium theme you have already downloaded from those websites I listed above and press the upload button.


• After that, select you premium theme in XML format. 
 NB:- when you download premium theme from third-party websites, they usually come in ZIP.file format. So, you have to first extract the XML.file format of the premium theme before using it.
• Now to upload a theme in your blogger blog, select the.XML and open it. By doing that, the premium theme will start to upload automatically.

 • Now you have successfully changed your old and outdated blogger theme with a new modern premium theme.


If you are not using premium blogger themes in your blog. You miss a great opportunity to customize and optimize your blog to look professional and rank high in search result. I hope that you will start using the premium themes in your Blogspot blog.

If this post helps you in downloading and installing external third-party premium blogspot theme for your blogger blog, then please share this post with a needy person using the social media icons below tags, and please don't forget that sharing is caring.

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